"The danger posed by war to all of humanity - and to our planet - is at least matched by the climate crisis and global warming. I believe that t he world has reached a critical stage in its efforts to exercise responsible environmental stewardship."
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Global Warming

Anyone with access to a television, a radio or the internet has heard the terms “global warming”, “climate change” and “ozone layer”. These words have entered into everyday language.  Many people have great anxiety over the issue of Global Warming.  In a Taber and Taylor, (2009) study in Australia, concern for the state of our environment was equal to concern over the death of a family member. Others believe that Global Warming is a myth promoted for political power.  Whether we fear it or reject it, do we really understand what the terms Global Warming are? What causes it? And what we can do about it?  This study is about the misconceptions that surround Global Warming.