The study included ten randomly selected subjects that were invited to participate in an interview that was videoed. The subjects were all asked the same series of questions relating to Global Warming. When indicated, the subjects were asked to elaborate using specific questions.

Of the ten subjects who participated in the interview process, eight were selected based on video quality.  The interviewees responses were then transcribed and analyzed individually.  Researchers attempted to identify common misconceptions and their sources. The following is a list of the questions used:

Interview Questions

What is global warming?

What causes global warming? How does that contribute to Global Warming?

What could be done about global warming?

Now I am going to ask you for several definitions.  These may seem repetitive.  Please bear with me.  I’m going to ask for definitions of climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer.  Don’t worry about how much you know.  We’re interested in what you think about these things.  Ok, now I’m going to ask you for the definitions, one at a time.

What is “climate change?”

What is the “greenhouse effect?”

What is the hole in the ozone layer/ozone depletion?

How do you know?